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Sculptor Andreyev. „What were you before 1917?“

Engineering Building, Lavrushinsky Lane, 12, 2nd floor
september 20 2017 january 21 2018

The name of Nikolai A. Andreyev (1873—1932) is generally associated with his cycle of Vladimir Lenin’s portraits.

The master’s pre-revolutionary creative period is much less known. The first large-scale exhibition of Nikolai Andreyev’s body of work will feature 80 pre-revolutionary pieces of his legacy from the Tretyakov Gallery’s collection.

The art show will include works that were created when the artist was collaborating with the Art Theater, including sculptured portraits of actors and the 7-meter panel “The Olympus of the Art Theater.” The distinctive phases of work on the monument to Nikolai Gogol erected in 1909 near the Arbat Gates can be traced in the sketches and executed sculptured reliefs.

Many of these works will be presented to the public for the first time.

Participants: the State Tretyakov Gallery, the museum of the Moscow Art Theater.

Exhibition materials:

Альбом подготовлен к выставке «Скульптор Андреев. „Кем вы были до 1917 года?“» и включает более 100 произведений скульптуры и графики, созданных Николаем Андреевым в период с 1899 до 1917 года, а также документальные фотографии

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