Halls 61 and 62 in the Tretyakov Gallery are temporarily closed due to repair work. The exhibition “Igor Shelkovsky. The city of roads” is closed from January 23 to March 5 More
september 08 2017 january 21 2018
Vasily Polenov. Moscow Patio. 1878
Oil on canvas. Tretyakov Gallery
Aristarkh Lentulov. Vasily the Beatified (St Basil, Vasily Blazhenny) 1913
Tretyakov Gallery
Alexandr Labas. Metro. 1936
Tretyakov Gallery
Natalya Nesterova. Gogol's house. 1979
Tretyakov Gallery

The Tretyakov Gallery is joining in the festivities dedicated to Moscow’s 870th anniversary and opens a large-scale exhibition that represents the city’s image as it evolved from the 17th to the 21st century.

The mission of this exhibition project is not only to reproduce Moscow’s painted image, but also to reflect characteristic features of the tenor of life, typical traits of the city — commitment to ancient history and morals, to religion, its status of the first capital city, optimism of the Soviet era linked to active construction of a new life. The exhibition will put on display about 100 works from the collection of the Tretyakov Gallery and private anthologies. Visitors will be able to see works of Simon Ushakov, Fyodor Alexeyev, Vassily Surikov, Boris Kustodiev, Vassily Kandinsky, Aristarkh Lentulov, Erik Bulatov, and little-known canvases of Apollinary Vasnetsov, Vassily Perov, Vladimir Makovsky, Alexander Deyneka, Alexander Labas, Konstantin Yuon, Evgeny Vakhtangov, Valery Brainin, Ely Bielutin, Tatyana Nazarenko, Natalya Nesterova and many others.

Participants: the State Tretyakov Gallery, private collections.

Exhibition materials:

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