march 14 may 03

Anatoly Nikich (1918–1994) was a painter who was acclaimed as a “modern classic” by experts even during his lifetime. He studied at the V.I. Surikov Moscow Art Institute (1935–1942) under Boris Ioganson and Alexander Osmerkin.

Instead of outlining the artist’s career in a linear fashion, this exhibition-cum-research aims at a multifocal representation, involving various media. The exhibition will consist of four sections. A section entitled “The Meanings of Movement, Quiescence and Resistance” will have the artist’s principal works on display, including “War Correspondents” (1965), a landmark tableau and one of momentous paintings of the progressive art of the 1960s. 

The canvases included in the “Contexts” section reveal relations between events of Anatoly Nikich’s life and the changes in his artistic language, in social, political and cultural realities of the time. The documentary sections “Values and People” and “At the Studio” will present numerous unpublished photos, unreleased videos, audio and textual documents telling a story about the artist’s personality and the circle of his friends.

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